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Developing the mind of a champion.

We can’t thank you enough, Christie, for helping our son! He has officially committed to play at one of his first choice Division I colleges. Today was signing day at New Trier and we are so happy. Thank you for helping him get to this point!
— Parent of former New Trier varsity golfer

I work with clients of all ages and abilities to help them reach their full potential and compete at the highest level — by helping them develop their mental strength to match their physical strength. We work together to build confidence, composure, and consistency in competition, and to make sure that nothing (like distractibility, negative self talk, perfectionism, etc.) holds them back from achieving their full potential in their many "fields of battle."

My unique "East Meets West" approach in working with clients combines the latest in Western cognitive neuroscience and proven methods of sports and performance psychology with the ageless wisdom of the East (specifically mindfulness and visualization) in order to help clients deal effectively with the pressure of competition and "train their brains" for peak performance.


Simply put, clients work with me to "bust up the head stuff" that gets in the way through training in four principle areas:

One-to-One Mental Strength Training
HeadStrong Girls
Sport-Specific Workshops
Corporate Workshops