Develop the Mind of a Champion

To realize one’s full potential and compete at the highest level of any sport one has to develop not only physical strength but mental strength as well.

I work with athletes of all ages and abilities, ranging from recreational to those involved in high level competition. Athletes choose to work with me to build confidence, composure and consistency in competition and to make sure that nothing holds them back from achieving their full potential in their sports – distractibility, negative self talk, perfectionism, dwelling on mistakes, and so on.

Simply put, together we “bust up the head stuff” that gets in the way.

My unique “East Meets West” approach in working with clients combines the latest in western cognitive neuroscience and proven methods of sports and performance psychology with the ageless wisdom of the East (mindfulness and visualization) in order to help clients reduce stress and perform with confidence.

I promise that in just three appointments, you will leave smiling!  In just eight appointments, you will come away with a comprehensive understanding/assessment of your personal mental profile as an athlete, areas for improvement, and the skills necessary to “train your brain” for maximum performance and enjoyment of your sport.


"We can’t thank you enough Christie for helping our son! He has officially committed to play at one of his first choice Division I colleges. Today was signing day at New Trier and we are so happy. Thank you for helping us get him to this point!”

                   Parents of New Trier Varsity Athlete

"Spending an hour in Christie's workshop can do as much or more for your golf game as a traditional lesson. You will learn how the state of your mind is just as important to your game as the mechanics of your swing. Her tips on relaxation and focus have helped me improve my swing and have made difficult shots across water hazards or sand traps less intimidating. I highly recommend  her workshop! " 

                   Emily T.

" Every single golfer who attended your workshop 'How To Take Strokes Off Your Game By Training Your Mind' sang your praises!  Thank you Christie for your professionalism and preparation in customizing your workshop for our 9 and 18 holers!"

                   Anne P.

"Christie brings out the best in you athlete. She gives them the tools and confidence to be able to handle the pressure, let it go when things don't go their way, and then pull it all together!"

           Laurie Murlick, parent of New Trier Varsity golfer

"Christie did an amazing job in her workshop presenting valuable insights to our 36 paddle tennis players and pros. We all really enjoyed learning about the neuroscience behind  how our our bodies react under pressure and will definitely benefit from her words of wisdom in our future paddle tennis competitions....and life!

           Sally Jones, Founder TopSeed Paddle Tennis Camp

"Thank you Christie for another great speaking engagement this year. The 60 paddle player and pros took away a lot of valuable information they can use on the court during competition and beyond!"

          Sally Jones, Founder Top Seed Paddle Tennis Camp


"I highly recommend Christie Southern's program to treat golfers who suffer from the "yips." In less than 30 days working with her I was completely cured. You have to treat the root cause of the problem, not just change out to a new putter."

               North Shore golfer

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