HeadStrong Girls

Current research tells us that, starting at age 13, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys, and that this can last on into adulthood if not treated. We now know that this vulnerability stems from the fact that girls’ brains are wired differently than boys’. Specifically, girls tend to react to the many stressors of puberty and adolescence by internalizing them. They also battle with rumination, self-doubt/criticism, perfectionism, and the need to seek the approval of others (“pleasers”).

As a result, many girls lack the self-esteem and confidence to take the kind of “healthy risks” that are a necessary part of their growth and happiness during this tough transition through adolescence (make new friends, try new activities, speak up to bullies, etc.). In essence, they “bench” themselves!

Drawing from three decades of experience training top performing athletes to consistently access their most confident selves, Christie helps teenage girls to rise above their insecurities and “flip the switch.” Through a combination of personal fitness training to become physically strong, and cognitive strength coaching grounded in science, Christie helps prepare your daughter physically and mentally to face the challenges of these years with the resilience of an Olympic athlete.

Christie is like having an Olympic-level coach for your daughter’s confidence and self-esteem!
— Mother of 8th grade girl