Sport-Specfic Workshops

I prepare and conduct workshops for athletic teams, clubs, coaches, and parents across a wide range of sports (including golf, tennis, basketball, figure skating, swimming, paddle tennis, and equestrian competition). 

These interactive workshops provide an overview of mental strength training and the latest neuroscience, along with strategies specifically tailored to the challenges in the group's particular sport.

Christie did an amazing job in her workshop presenting valuable insights to our 36 paddle tennis players and pros. We all really enjoyed learning about the neuroscience behind how our bodies react under pressure, and will definitely benefit from her words of wisdom in our future paddle tennis competitions.
— Sally Jones, Founder of TopSeed Paddle Tennis Camp
Spending an hour in Christie’s workshop can do as much or more for your golf game as a traditional leson. You will learn how the state of your mind is just as important to your game as the mechanics of your swing. Her tips on relaxation and focus have helped me improve my swing and have made difficult shots across water hazards or sand traps less intimidating. I highly recommend her workshop!
— Top competitive country club golfer